What’s it all about?

Facebook doesn’t fulfill my need to ramble…

So here I am, blogging again, after a hiatus of multiple years.

Who am I? What do I like?

My name is Heather.  I’m 40 at the moment. I’m married with three cats and a llama. I work at a unique school for deaf students with behavioral problems.

I like to sew a lot, crochet a bit, and other crafty things as the mood takes me. With the sewing I do apparel, bags, & quilting. I just finished some commission sewing for a woman at work. That was cool that someone thought I did good enough work to pay me for it!

I’m overweight but am taking steps to change that. I’ve lost 23 pounds since the beginning of the year with another 52 to go.

When the weather gets warmer here in Pennsylvania I’ll ride my bike. The husband & I enjoy at least two motorcycle rallies each summer. We usually ride to one just because the tattoo guy we prefer is there and that’s just a day trip then we spend four days tent camping at another.

More, perhaps with pictures, later.



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