Week 5 Day 3 is done!

Monday… tried W5D3 and didn’t get through it. Supposed to run 20 minutes straight, I ran 9, walked 2, ran 9.

Wednesday… again tried Day 3, didn’t get through it.  Actually did worse than Monday. Ran 10, walked 3, ran 5 or 6 (not sure).

So then I started to think maybe I couldn’t do it. I started thinking maybe I’d skip over completing day 3 and just do W6D1 ’cause that goes back to run/walk intervals.

When I stepped on the treadmill this morning to warm-up I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then I decided I would be pissed off at myself if I gave up ’cause it was hard.

I kept my sweat towel covering the time and focused on how many laps I finished. When I finally looked at the time (when my math based on laps and speed said close to done) I had gone 20 seconds over.

Yes! Talk about feeling accomplished!  Sunday’s run should be almost easy after beating my demon’s ass!

I’m sure the cooler weather helped but still… I did it. I didn’t give up!


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One Response to “Week 5 Day 3 is done!”

  1. theblogrunner Says:

    Week 5 Day 3 has a lot to do with state of mind, which you just proved by focussing on your laps rather than the time. Well done for getting through it. :-)

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