lazy weekend…

I didn’t do much of anything yesterday or today!

Yesterday I went to my friend / coworker’s house for a Tastefully Simple party so I ate bunches, ordered spices, beer bread, and desserts, and then scheduled a party at my house for November.

Today I didn’t leave the house.  I did not shirk from my run though and completed W6D1.  (A little faster for my run parts at 4mph which apparently is most people’s walking speed, oh well!) Next Saturday should be W7D1 and I am planning to do it somewhere outside… I don’t know where though, I’d prefer somewhere where the hills won’t completely kill me and here in Southwestern Pennsylvania even somewhat flat surfaces are hard to come by.  Since the first 5K I’m signed up to do is The Color Run and it is going to be in South Park, I’m considering going there.

I didn’t sew a bit this weekend either.  I did look at quilts and other sewing on the Internet and on my way to the party yesterday stopped at a quilt store but anything productive?  Nope.  Lazy weekend!


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