Two weeks to race day.

Anxious? Yes…

My first 5K in two short weeks.  Though luckily I chose essentially just a fun run for my first attempt.  I don’t know if I said before what I am doing for my first, it’s “The Color Run”, untimed and full of walkers so I don’t have to feel like a loser if I can’t run the whole thing! Yes, I know, just attempting it makes me not a loser.

I have kept up with an every other day running schedule but have really been struggling this last week and a half or so, finding myself barely able to run three minutes. So yesterday was supposed to be a running day. Nope, I just walked for a mile and a half.  Apparently my body needed that. Today I was able to run again with a bit more ease!

Most days I do about a half hour total. Last Saturday and again today I’ve kept going to finish a full 5K through both running and walking to become more prepared for what I will actually experience.  Last week it was just a bit over an hour total. Today? 54.5 minutes, woo-hoo!

So… I am thinking of modifying my schedule to the following: run/walk a 5k Saturdays, walk a 5k Sundays, run/walk Mondays and Wednesdays 30 minutes, walk 30 minutes on Fridays.  I think this will be doable and keep me progressing for now.  Next Spring I would like to do a real and timed race.

I know one thing… I don’t want to stop running.  How weird I find that statement!


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