a week from tomorrow…

I am obsessed.  If anyone that knew me were to read that I am sure their response would be either: “what else is new?” or “about what now?”

So one obsession is the running.  Not that I am awesome at it yet but I enjoy it.  That surprises me every day.  I am absolutely planning to continue running after next week!  When I started the C25K program I thought I probably wouldn’t continue after doing The Color Run and would at that point find a different exercise to substitute in its place.  Nope!

The next?  My hair.  I got my Amazon order Tuesday.  Thursday I set 100g of henna to dye release and when I got home from work that night the DH helped pour it on my head while I worked it in.  Turns out I only needed 50g (mostly because I mixed it too watery) so I froze the other 1/2.  Supposedly you can do that… we’ll see when I thaw it next Wednesday or Thursday.  It put a bit of red into my hair, a good start.  Now I’m sitting here with a mixture of coconut and almond oil coating my hair.  After I run tomorrow I will wash it well.  I expect it to be super soft!  In the meantime I look like I swam in an oil spill.

I have an obsessive / addictive personality and so have to be cautious when I start new things that I am not starting fifteen new things at warp speed all at once!  Because the end result of that is often failing at fifteen new things soon after starting…  And so I need to monitor myself.  I feel like I’ve done good at limiting my crazy this year and so have been pretty successful at various things I’ve attempted.  (weight loss, quitting smoking, some sewing projects, cleaning projects, upping my water intake, and my latest obsessions )


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One Response to “a week from tomorrow…”

  1. playfulpups Says:

    This is so me!! Ive heard good things about coconut oil for hair…must try! :-)

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