a week from yesterday

Sometimes titles are hard.

So, fun fact, I am typing this out on my phone while walking on the treadmill. Today, being Sunday, is just a walk day at 3mph.

Yesterday I did run/walk for a full 5k distance… 15 seconds faster than last Saturday. Yay :)

We then went and drove to where The Color Run is being held so we could scope out parking and such… We will be picking up my stepfather and his wife (who is not my mother, whole post topic there…) as they want to come cheer me on.

Later today I am going to try to get in a bit of sewing and maybe some pictures of the two finished quilt tops.  The baby shower for the quilt finished last month is the 18th. I think today’s plan is just sewing some catnip pillows for the kitties. Easy peasy.

Time to hit post and wipe off some sweat…


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One Response to “a week from yesterday”

  1. theblogrunner Says:

    Working out and blogging at the same time? That’s my kind of multi-tasking. Hope you’re having a great day. :-D

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