quilt tops

I finished this quilt top last month, it’s based on a baby quilt pattern called strip and flip or something like that.  I bought one of those “jelly rolls” at Joann’s.  I actually bought two, one solid and one patterned.  Got home and opened up the patterned one and it was cut so far from straight that I had to take it back.  They didn’t have another so I bought cut fabric to match the other roll.  I have the batting for it but don’t have backing fabric yet.


This next one is from leftover denim scraps and recycled jeans, finished last weekend.  I think I’m going to double layer flannel for the backing and forgo any other batting.  I think a bandana print would be a cool backing.


So today’s sewing was little, quick, and nothing fancy!  Catnip mats for the kitties.




2 Responses to “quilt tops”

  1. Cakes Says:

    I love the denim quilt. Very creative.

  2. theblogrunner Says:

    Wow! They look amazing. :-)

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