Is it Friday yet???

I love my job… Really. But, these past couple weeks have been some of the toughest to get through, especially while not smoking.

To give you an example, yesterday at 3 I was told by a student that if we (about four staff) did not back up then we were all going to die, then a few seconds later a rock was thrown at my head.  At the same time I was on the phone with his mother explaining that he missed his van and once he calmed staff would drive him home. She was crying and explaining he had tried to kill his younger sister over the weekend and also tried starting a fire in the house (about his 6th time). He is not yet ten years old.

A few minutes later while trying to call the psychiatrist to see if she could get a bed in the children’s psychiatric hospital for him i was arranging for a different staff to do what I originally had planned which was take a new dorm student to therapy. I also needed to call her therapist to fill her in on events, namely the student’s father was killed last week in a car accident but the student hasn’t yet been told because her mother is emotionally destroyed and can’t decide anything… So heads up on some upcoming therapy issues.

I’d like to say this level of crisis is unusual but it isn’t really.  Some months are better than others.

Now I am going to go run (I did restart c25k with more incline and a faster pace, today is W1D2) and remind myself of the many reasons I don’t really want to go buy a pack of cigarettes and ten candy bars.

However, if I see the new Pecan Pie Pringles a can will be mine (but that’s more an “omg I must try those” reaction then a “life is crazy I might as well eat” reaction…)



One Response to “Is it Friday yet???”

  1. theblogrunner Says:

    Pecan Pie Pringles? They do sound good.
    Hope you had a good run. :-)

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