still going

Not at the speed of the energizer bunny though I wish…

I am doing W2D3 today of the restarted at a higher speed plan.  Then I’m packing for the weekend.  Traveling for work until Sunday…  I am taking my exercise clothes and am going to check out their facilities at least one if not both of the mornings.  My thought is do the elliptical or the exerbike, to try something I don’t normally do.

I am happy I took up running.  Getting regular exercise has probably been the only thing keeping me from swirling down the drain of depression these last three weeks!  I’ve been amazed that with all that’s been happening that I have also maintained not smoking.  My weight is annoyingly still up at 188 but two out of three ain’t bad (Meat Loaf says so.)


I also feel this applies to sewing.


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