being neglectful

Sorry to my two? three? one? readers… I haven’t been blogging much.  Without the Color Run to prepare for I feel like I’ve not much to talk about on the running front.  I can confess that I have been super lazy this week…  Back on track today though, I’m getting ready to go hit the treadmill for a full 5K which in my world of self talk will get me to stop calling myself a loser.

I didn’t end up working out at all at the hotel last weekend.  Two weekends in a row I packed exercise clothes for my work travels and two weekends in a row I didn’t exercise while traveling a bit…  Good thing I don’t travel a lot since apparently it increases my laziness.

Last weekend I did do something out of the ordinary.  I put on makeup.  Trust me, this isn’t a common occurrence!  It happens maybe three times a year.  Trying to remember, I know I put on makeup to go get my driver’s license picture taken in July… before that I’m not sure.  It appears I better document the occasion!  So here I am, made up:


Makeup this last weekend was a sad reason though, A coworker and I were accompanying one of my students to her father’s memorial service.  I interpreted for the student at the request of her mother. I did okay with the part where the mom talked about her husband and his life, but oh, non-christian me trying to interpret the lord’s prayer and hymns?  Ouch!  Thankfully, the student was fine with my attempt, weak as it was.  I want to be a certified interpreter some day but am certainly not at that level now.  Even when I am I would likely not accept a religious focused assignment because I recognize that I would not be the best qualified.

Off to put coconut oil in my hair and get running!


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  1. 1quest2thenextadmin Says:

    Interpreter sounds like a nice profession!

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