calories in, calories out…

I have tried so many diets in my life. It always comes down to the calories I eat.  Personally I think for everyone it boils down to the calories but some people hold fast to their “oh, but if I eat the magic combination of high-carb/low-fat or low-carb/high-fat or high-protein/high-fat then the weight will melt away faster.”  Uh, no.  Regardless of which book, magazine article, celebrity, or commercial diet you follow it boils down to calories.

For me, I find it easier to count calories then I do to eat according to someone’s defined plan.  Back when Weight Watchers did “3 protein, 4 bread, etc.” I was successful on that as well.  I didn’t like the switch to points at all.  And I’ve never done well on a plan that says eat “1 slice bread, one grapefruit, one cup of yogurt.”  I might eat that but probably not on the day or time that the diet list says I should.

So why am I rambling about calories?  It is time to get back to counting them for me.  I’ve been slack about it and it is such a slippery slope back to the fatness.  It’s been twelve weeks since I quit smoking.  I’ve gained nine pounds back during that time.  Time to put a halt on it and just say no to the cravings for caramel corn.

Yes, caramel corn.  Available everywhere and oh, so good!  I have been on a many weeks binge on caramel corn!  I may investigate recipes for a lower calorie make at home version.  But I am making a public declaration to stop buying bags of it!  In fact, I think it’s a good time to publicly declare that I will stop buying anything to eat in a gas station…

I think I just came up with the basis for the next best selling diet book “Your Car is Making You Fat.”  The premise is simple:  Don’t eat anything you can buy from your car (no fast food) and don’t eat anything you buy where you can buy fuel for your car (no gas station convenience food).

Tomorrow morning I’ll weigh in and we’ll go from there.

Speaking of junk food… I got the Pecan Pie Pringles.  And Cinnamon & Sugar ones.  They were okay, good but nothing special.  I’d not buy them again…  I’d rather have caramel corn.

And now, I shall end my food/calorie ramblings with this:  I am sooo sick of pumpkin spice this, that, and everything!



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