Friday excitement

Because it doesn’t get much more exciting than this…

I went grocery shopping on my way home from work tonight.  I had a list and got as much as I could from Aldi’s then went to Giant Eagle.  While at Giant Eagle I wrote down prices for the things I bought at Aldi’s.  End result?  Aldi’s bill was $40.62.  Had I bought the same items at Giant Eagle? $58.42.

Needless to say I will be grocery shopping for as many of the basics as possible at Aldi’s from now on.

Now, from the cheap food products to the expensive… I am having a Tastefully Simple party tomorrow (part of the reason I had to grocery shop today.)  I am not having nearly as good of a turnout as I thought I would…  It’s funny, a couple months ago I had an Undercoverwear party and had a great turnout so I thought, “oh, I’ll get at least that many if I do a food party.”  Nope.

I don’t think too much of their food products, mainly due to the price, but I like their seasoning and spice mixes.  My new favorite “add to everything” is their Italian Garlic Bread Seasoning.  I have yet to make garlic bread but I use it often, on pizza, on mac-n-cheese, you name it.

I got home from shopping and mixed up the dips and such for the party tomorrow.  Still have some cleaning to do in the morning…

So, as you can see, the level of excitement in my house is almost too much to bear.



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