Walking at a weird time.

I normally walk in the mornings on work days.  But, today didn’t work out like normal…

First, I had to be to work early today so I didn’t do my normal Monday morning run/walk. Then, instead of being at my office for the majority of the day where I walk around occasionally & often also walk to other buildings throughout the day I sat in a meeting for a few hours. Then my boss took two coworkers and I to Chipotle for a late lunch.

This is where the Fitbit and tracking my food on MFP really works to motivate me.  I’d only walked 3,000 steps today and would be way over on calories with my dinner added onto the lunch.


So I got my butt onto the treadmill and walked over 3 miles.  Now I am over 11,000 total steps for the day and while I’m still over on my calorie goal for the day it isn’t nearly as bad and dinner tasted that much better!

Yay me!


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One Response to “Walking at a weird time.”

  1. Lyndatjie Says:

    I love how my food tastes after I’ve spent time on the stepper or ran around like a lunatic… :)

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