what to add for 2014?

It is time to make a new change, to add something in to my health and fitness life.

See, back at the beginning of 2013 I began counting calories.  In August I added in exercise (cardio) and quit smoking but quit counting calories.  Then, at the end of November I added back in counting calories.

Now, I think it is time to add in some strength training!  Way back in the day, 1994-ish, I lifted.  I didn’t do cardio if I could avoid it but weights?  Loved it!  Time to re-embrace that feeling of power.  Back then I belonged to a great gym, even worked there for a while.  Currently a gym won’t be an option so I am starting to research bodyweight exercises.

Not giving up my cardio though, turns out I enjoy it.

Biggest loser update:  our team for the big challenge is at 6 people and our local competition group is 10 people.  People have until Friday to join and then weigh-in is by the end of the day on Monday.   I’m excited and plan on kicking ass again this year.  I maintained everything I lost in last year’s competition so I have happy hopes for this year’s!!!



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