Do the happy dance, it is over 5 degrees (F) and headed up to a high of 27.

I don’t know how people live in those areas that routinely stay under 0!

Yesterday, upon waking, it was -12.4, in the evening it had gotten up to 3 but by that point you could feel the cold coming in through the walls!  If the furnace isn’t actively running the cold chill is in the air constantly and that’s just one day of sub-zero.  Yuck!

Jose, the llama, seems to have been fine.  We pulled some hay into the barn for him to nest into and his water tank has a heater so it doesn’t ice over.

The porch kitties also seemed to have weathered the storm.  We stuffed more old clothes into their house and added more to their chair…  but I think they will be as happy as I when spring arrives!

Well, enough whining from me… Off to get ready for work.




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