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I will be the first to admit I am not a food photographer! This is my dinner from the other night, pizza, approximately 360 calories of yum. With a few changes in ingredients I am thinking I can get it down to about 300.  I’ve started to skip the pepperoni to see if I miss it and the answer is no.  I added a bit more cheese instead and I’ve really happy with the taste.


For our anniversary last month I got a food processor.  Before you think, oh, how unromantic, that was actually high on my list of things I would have wanted to receive, much more than flowers!   A really good iron would have also been acceptable since I want something with heavy steam for my sewing.  Anyway, the food processor… I am still getting used to it.  I prepped green peppers and fed them through.  As I did I thought, hmmm, that looks odd, very watery.  When I popped the top is when I realized I had the blade shred side up not slice.  Green peppers are not supposed to be shredded…  So if you wonder why the pizza toppings look a little odd, that is why, shredded peppers.

In other food related news, I bought a food scale. Aldi’s had them on sale this week so I picked one up for $10. It works well enough for me at this point though it is a bit slow to react and I question its complete accuracy.  However, it has been eye opening, as everything I read online said it would be!  My normal pouring in of the creamer to my coffee? About 25% more than I thought I was using.  Only about 10 calories so no biggie but now I am more accurate as I put the mug on the scale and pour it in. Shredded cheese for my pizza?  I actually got a bit more than I had been using.

I wanted pizza tonight but my husband has his heart set on chicken and stuffing… so the house should smell like roasted chicken when I get home from work tonight.

And now, time to go walk!


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