January Foodie Penpal

This was my second time participating in the Foodie Penpals program that Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean began and coordinates!

What is a Foodie Penpal?  Well, in a nutshell:  You sign up and get matched with a penpal at the beginning of the month then you make up a box of interesting, or local, favorite, or unusual food which you then mail to your penpal by the 15th of the month.  At the same time your penpal is mailing a box to you.

I got the perfect match this month!!!   My penpal this month was Tara.  She is from Iowa.  Among the many things we have in common is birthdays that are only three days apart, so we are pretty much the exact same age.  The list goes on and on from there!  It is crazy.  It was a lot of fun exchanging the initial emails and seeing the similarities!

Tara sent me this great assortment of yummy items from Iowa:


There was salsa and chips, gourmet marshmallows, flavored coffee, chocolate covered almonds, and beef sticks, along with a beautiful card telling me about some of the products and cool facts (including there are more cows than people in Iowa)

I say was because many items quickly disappeared!  First to go was the almonds.  I am proud to say they didn’t all go in one day, I did make them last three!  I think next was the beef sticks, I love beef sticks and these were nitrate free and yummy !

I really enjoyed this month’s experience.  Not only did I get a cool box of goodies, I met a person from half way across the country that I think, if we were put in a room together, we could easily talk for hours!  She’s on my Facebook friends list now and I have spent this month drooling over the awesome quilt tops she’s made (multiple. in one month!)

If sending and receiving a box of goodies sounds good to you, think about joining the next exchange!  To sign up for February you need to sign up by February 5th.

The Lean Green Bean


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