soup warms you from the inside…


Every so often I like to make a big pot of soup for the weekend.  It goes on the stove in the morning on Saturday, by afternoon it is ready.  Whenever I get hungry I’ll have a small bowl or a coffee mug full of soup.  Sunday morning, put it back on the stove, get hungry, eat soup.  Maybe add a different veggie into it or some rice or pasta around dinnertime to change it up a bit.  Monday, take it for lunch for work then have it for dinner.  Tuesday, dump the leftovers off the porch for any animal that wants a taste (three days is my limit for eating the same things over and over!)  Two, three months later, do it again.

Extra awesome side effect?  Two days of rather low calorie consumption.

My average calorie intake is about 1700 calories a day when “dieting”.  About 1400 if I’m being really strict.  So two days of mostly veggie soup dips way below that.

The soup isn’t from a recipe per se.  Today’s version has cabbage, celery, carrots, onions, and green beans in beef broth and I am getting ready to have my first bowl!

Nutritional breakdown, per cup.  It made about 24 cups but I rounded down to 20 just because…



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