Well, I have neen quite neglectful of this blog!  Honestly, that was my fear when I started it… that I would be all “rah rah rah” and then lose interest.

I haven’t lost interest completely, just took a minor break. Instead of working hard at getting an A in weight loss I have been more of a C stident in maintainence.

I am at 180 so still 30 pounds from my main goal… i had hoped to reach it by my birthday in July. Still possible but it is going to take some serious work!

A friend of mine at work came into my office yesterday to talk to me about running with her and training in prep for the Dirty Girl Mud Run that she & I are doing on June 14.  Woah! Wake up call! That’s less than 10 weeks away and my exercise for about two months has been just walking… I upped my daily step goal from 10 to 11 thousand but that isn’t enough to help!

She and I are meeting this Saturday for our first training together…

So tomorrow morning my ass will be on the treadmill to see what I can do and how far I have to go… I need to develop an upper body strength workout too. Added benefit, I might develop some muscles to firm up my flappy upper arms.

Lose weight, gain strength. That’s my mantra.


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