More randomness

School is going well. I really like being in charge of my progress and not being required to “post three times to the message board each week for a participation grade.”  I read the chapter, watch the course mentor’s video where he explains problems, do practice problems from the text book, then take the practice quiz.  I have supplemented some topics with videos from YouTube including a great video explaining derivatives involving rupees, cows, and mad cow disease.

I started studying my first class mid February. As soon as orientation opens you can see all your classes and access the books, see the requirements, etc. You just can’t submit anything officially. So here at mid March I am almost finished with 12 of 14 chapters in my first course, Advanced Financial Accounting . I plan to work through the last chapters today then review back through the chapters again, take the pre-assessment and see where I’m truly at with being ready to take the assessment.  That is where WGU is different and in some ways harder than traditional classes at a in-person college or other online colleges. There is no padding of your grade with participation points or extra credit or points for doing homework.  You either know it and prove it or you don’t.


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