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January 12, 2014

Losing weight in 2014 is so much more fun then 2004 or 1994! Back in 1994 I would devote a notebook to calorie and weight tracking and in 2004 I had spreadsheets.  But, now? I have websites that link to each other, feeding information into a variety of charts and graphs, and in some cases giving me the opportunity to earn discounts, rewards, donations to charity, and even actual cash. Talk about motivating!


The weight I use on my weight journey page here is the same as I log at MyFitnessPal. That weight feeds out to Fitbit, SparkPeople, and others. That weight is Mondays, in the morning, naked. DietBet has its own weight logging and is usually a little different because that weight is when I am dressed for the photos required there (described as airport security attire) and so far hasn’t been a Monday.

My exercise page is the portion of my daily exercise that I do purposefully on the treadmill and record here. But that’s just a portion of all the Fitbit data throughout my day that then feeds into MyFitnessPal for calories and Earndit, Everymove, AchieveMint, Walgreens, and others to earn me discounts, cash, donations to charity, entries to contests, etc.

Truly amazing… In another ten years, when I am maintaining this loss, I wonder what the trackers are going to look like and do…


Christmas Eve Ramblings

December 24, 2013

I thought it was a better title than Tuesday night ramblings…  So let’s start off with some cuteness:


Exercise continues.  I am actually pretty proud that I have pretty diligently been exercising for about five months now… I’d be more impressed with myself if I was regularly running 2+ miles but I am regularly walking 2+ miles so it’s better than sitting on the couch.

Diet continues.  I am back to counting calories religiously and it works for me! And yes, I’m counting today and tomorrow… even if I go over, it is better to be consistent.  Funny though, I’m actually a little under today.  It likely helps my goals that we don’t really do anything special for Christmas, I’m rather a grinch and getting grinchier every year.  The other thing that helped was dinner ending up not so good and getting fed to the outdoor cats…

Getting really excited about “The Biggest Loser” competition starting up at work.  I sent out the email for the competitions today and our team is getting off to a great start.  I plan on kicking ass at the competition again this year… money motivates me.  I maintained the loss that I ended last year’s with and ready to go for more!!!  Also considering doing DietBet as well, they have a 4 week, 4% competition and a 6 month, 10% one…

That brings up another motivator for me:  technology!  As I mentioned before, my Fitbit is like crack.  And it feeds into MyFitnessPal.  That alone is motivating.  Add in technology based earnings with the Fitbit feeding into Earndit, Everymove, Achievemint, Walgreens, and the Weightloss Project as well… more crack.

So, 2014 is getting close.  I can’t say as I am going to set resolutions… I just plan on continuing the path of improvement I’m on… lose weight, get fitter, continue not smoking…

On to a different topic… sewing.  Yesterday I had to drive to Harrisburg and since I was there, visited PA Fabric Outlet.  OMG!  I restrained myself and only spent $40!  Lots of really great fabrics.  I rank it below Fabric Mart though… not just for the fabrics but the people were a tad bit friendlier at Fabric Mart…  Last weekend I sewed two bags, because what I need is more bags, not.  That might be part of my Christmas day as well, sewing.

Oh, speaking of bags… I won a bag from Fitmark, specifically I won their Namaste bag.  Nice to win something, ‘specially a bag, but I really would have rather had their “The Box” or one of their messenger bags.  Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers… but I think I’m likely going to give it away as it’s really most useful if you are carting a yoga mat (and I can’t see me ever doing that!)

Okay, time for bed so that Santa can arrive.  No cookies in the house for him, well I do have some chocolate goldfish (35 goldfish = 140 calories!) but I prefer not to share (like I said, grinchier!)

Walking at a weird time.

December 16, 2013

I normally walk in the mornings on work days.  But, today didn’t work out like normal…

First, I had to be to work early today so I didn’t do my normal Monday morning run/walk. Then, instead of being at my office for the majority of the day where I walk around occasionally & often also walk to other buildings throughout the day I sat in a meeting for a few hours. Then my boss took two coworkers and I to Chipotle for a late lunch.

This is where the Fitbit and tracking my food on MFP really works to motivate me.  I’d only walked 3,000 steps today and would be way over on calories with my dinner added onto the lunch.


So I got my butt onto the treadmill and walked over 3 miles.  Now I am over 11,000 total steps for the day and while I’m still over on my calorie goal for the day it isn’t nearly as bad and dinner tasted that much better!

Yay me!

Yuck to winter!

December 14, 2013

One more week! I love the winter solstice because it means days start getting longer again!  I prefer to drive in the daylight and with shorter days it doesn’t often work out that way in the evenings.

Right now I’m sitting on the couch and looking out the window occasionally at the snow falling.  I will move to the treadmill soon, open up the curtains on the sliding glass door and walk and watch it accumulate.  If it does because it is seeming to change over to rain.  Oh well, watching rain out the door works too.

My weight is headed back down in the correct direction.  It amazes me how quickly I am seeing results again!  Why?  Nothing magic… Move more, eat less.  For me this means obsessively counting my calories, I use an app for that (MyFitnessPal.)  And then I have the Fitbit which like I said before is crack.  It gives me daily feedback on whether I’m getting off my ass enough and connects to MFP to give me more calories to eat if I exercise more.

I really haven’t been running so much as I’ve been walking.  But that’s okay.  My goals are not to run a marathon… Right now the primary focus is to get the weight down.  My next goal is 175.  On the way to that goal I will continue the walking with the occasional running that I am doing.

Come the new year I will up the running plan again in prep for my first real 5K at the end of March.

My other 2014 goal is to reach 150 by my birthday in July.  I totally see it as achievable.  Then I’ll reassess what I want to work on next, whether I set a new lower goal or work on strictly maintenance.

I’m really excited for the new year!  I’m the Wellness Ambassador at work now (me? who would have thought!)  Every year we do “The Biggest Loser” which is company wide.  I’m also going to run a local version for just our program since some of my coworkers have expressed that they’d join something local but don’t want to compete company-wide.

Last year I came in 3rd across all the women in the company and won $100.  Then our team got 4th place.  I’m aiming for 1st place this year!  It’s based on percentage lost for the individual, then the team winnings are based on maintaining the loss at the end of the individual challenge.

Well, off to watch it rain.  The snow that was accumulating when I started typing is now completely gone.


December 3, 2013

The Fitbit is a little piece of electronic crack.  Seriously, instant addiction.

When you beat your goals the dashboard on the website puts up this little green smiley face and it says “Hooray!”  Sunday I went upstairs for no reason other than to push my stair count over my goal so that I would have green smileys all the way across my top row (steps, mileage, stairs).

In the few short days I’ve had it I have found myself taking extra steps to do things because I know I have it on and those extra steps are extra calories…

I’ve also been wearing it at night to track sleep and it confirms what I knew… I sleep like a rock.

And now, I must end this entry, time to go start the day with at least 3500 steps on the treadmill!  (I am currently mostly just walking…)

I bought myself a fitbit and other news…

November 30, 2013

As readers of my blog may know (all five of you), I have struggled with my weight since quitting smoking in August.  Before that I was losing weight steadily since the beginning of the year.  In fact, I’d lost 48 pounds.  Now, as of last Monday’s official record, I am at a net loss of 33 because I gained 15 back.

What changed?

I took up running in the form of the C25K training program.  I have kept up with it past the 5k fun run I did in October and exercise at least 3 days a week.  Well, I know I didn’t gain those 15 pounds from running!  Next?

I stopped smoking.  It is said that people gain an average of 10 pounds when they quit smoking.  I like to think I am an overachiever but I don’t think I can blame it all on the smoking.   Besides, restarting isn’t an option so nothing I can change here… Next?

I stopped recording my food intake.  Therein lies the root of the problem!  If I am not obsessively counting my calories I begin to lie to myself.  “Oh, I know I ate a candy bar at 10am but these cookies won’t really put my calories for the day that far over.”  Not having the actual calories taken in for the day staring at me from my phone made it easy to fool myself.

So I again began scanning packages and recording bites.  When?  Thanksgiving Day, of course.  Why not restart a diet on the most gluttonous day of the year?

Then yesterday, I bought a Fitbit.  I was planning on buying the Zip when I went into the store, but it was $10 more than I thought it was going to be so I ended up talking myself into the One which was even more expensive (don’t try to follow that logic… it’s impossible.)  I would have loved the Flex that you wear on your wrist but using sign language all day would mean that the more I talked, the more steps it would count.

So far I am really liking the Fitbit.  It syncs into My Fitness Pal (which I just switched to from Lose It) so I can track steps and exercise in the same program as my calories.  It also syncs to SparkPeople for my points there and then I have it linking to Earndit, Everymove, AchieveMint, and Walgreens because you can win things and earn discounts and such through them.

So I have seriously restarted my quest towards 150 pounds with renewed vigor (and new electronics.)

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