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Tattoo… You?

December 1, 2013

Today, while wandering on WordPress, I found The Daily Post blog that gives ideas for daily posts and today’s was Tattoo… You? I decided to use the same title and share my tattoo and its story (which isn’t profound or exciting, just is.)

I always wanted at least one tattoo. I can remember being a teenager in the 80s and thinking about what I might want as a future tattoo.  For you younguns, note, this was not necessarily normal behavior as back then it wasn’t at all acceptable to have ink like it is nowadays.

Fast forward a few years, I became old enough for a tattoo but it wasn’t a priority to spend money on!  Then I met my husband.  He had a giant tattoo of an eagle, that was a cover-up for a well-endowed bull, that had been a cover-up of a woman’s name.  Whenever I would bring up wanting a tattoo he would be discouraging and point to his as an example of why I might not want to start down the tattoo path.

Fast forward a few more years.  We were at a motorcycle rally in June 2009 and I was outwardly admiring the many tattoos around when finally the husband said, “if you really want one, get one.”  Well, needless to say, the next stop that day was the tattoo guy.  Luckily it was a good one and I got my first tattoo, a crab with a goofy expression, on my upper right arm.


Why a crab?  Since I was born in July, the crab is my zodiac symbol and I’ve always liked them (though I consider the zodiac a pile of hooey.)   The goofy expression is because I can be a little goofy at times and it just made me smile when I looked at the picture.

Then two months later we went to another motorcycle rally where Doby was set up again and I got a beach and such added to my crab.


The next year we went again to the rally in August and I had Doby add a dolphin into the water.


Nothing got added in 2011 because that was the year I had a massive DVT in my leg and spent the entire summer on Warfarin.  Between my blood being thin and my leg being week, there was no motorcycle riding and no tattooing for me that year!

In June of 2012 we went back to the rally in Johnstown, PA.  It really isn’t my favorite one, spread across the town, open to the public, and commercialized (read: overpriced everything) but Doby is there so we drove up for the day just to get tattooing done.  I got a fish added.  Yes, it looks like Nemo.  No, that wasn’t my thought in picking it…

crabwithfish  I need to take a better picture then the one from the day it was done…

Since I’d skipped a year of inking, I got a second tattoo that day.  This is on my left inner wrist.


That is it so far.  It is true, tattoos become addicting!  I absolutely want more… I have a few other ocean items I’d like to add to my right arm to finish it off.  Then I have a concept in mind for my left arm, grass, flowers, bees, trees, butterflies, and such.  Possibly an ankle tattoo… who knows.

The possibilities are almost endless.  I say “almost” because I prefer to keep them where I can see them and show them off if I want to and cover them when I don’t.


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