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running! turns out it’s fun!

October 5, 2014


Finished the Pittsburgh Great Race 5K last Sunday with my friend.
Time: 55:12
Overall, #3,931 of 4,240
Females: #2,414 of 2,651
Females, aged 40-44: #257 of 272

Decided to do another 5K today (just a small local charity one, the Bryon Martini Jr Memorial 5K), by myself, to get a better idea of what I could do and where I’m starting from.
Time: 47:30
Overall, #72 of 149
Females: #37 of 95
Females, aged 40-44: #5 of 9
(32 women of 95 didn’t list their age… so it makes the age division difficult to judge)

I had soooo much fun both weeks! I want to do more and get better! I’ve gotten back on track with lots of walking but I need to add some running into the mix if I want to see that time improve!


my 1st real 5k

September 27, 2014

Sooooooo… it’s been forever since I posted.  Which means I likely have zero readers at this point.

Will that stop me from random posting? Uh, no.

Tomorrow I am doing the Pittsburgh Great Race.  It will be my third 5k but my first that is timed.  I will be walking more that running as the friend I’m doing it with has had various injuries every week since June and we haven’t been running so I don’t expect the time will be anything spectacular.



I ran! Outside! Really!

April 13, 2014

And the most amazing part?  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

I haven’t done the C25K in forever… I’ve just been walking. Even when I did do any running, it was on the treadmill.  So needless to say, I thought I would be dying after running 90 seconds.

My friend and I met up yesterday and we decided to try Week 3, Day 3 on her app.  We found out after we finished that we had actually accidentally done Week 4, Day 1.  So I ran a total of 16 minutes and I felt like I could have easily done more.  I guess that is my starting point! Yay!

It was easier than the treadmill which I completely do not understand!!!

I felt like freaking Rocky when it was over!


We have to find a different meetup place for next week since there’s going to be a 5k and half-marathon on that part of the Great Allegheny Passage.

I woke up today to sore thighs, not pain, just sore so it’s all good.


12 weeks and more pizza

January 18, 2014

12 weeks from today will be my first real 5K!   Timed and everything.   I am going to work towards being able to run the whole thing.  While I did do The Color Run last October, I pretty much walked it, have now idea how long it took, and from everything I’ve read it might not have even really been 5K.  I am excited!

I posted my favorite pizza the other day, using the Flatout flatbreads.  I absolutely love them and could eat a pizza every night if it was just me.  I decided to try a low carb tortilla in place of it though because the tortilla is less calories with more fiber and more protein.  So last night I made pizza with a flatbread for the husband and a tortilla for me.

pizza-beforebefore and after bakingpizza-after

I definitely prefer the taste of the pizza done on the flatbread than on the tortilla but nutritionally the tortilla wins.  The only difference between the two was the base:

flatbread:  345 calories, 17 grams protein, 5 grams fiber

tortilla:  285 calories, 20 grams protein, 14 grams fiber

Either way, it’s pizza so it’s a win to me!


January 10, 2014

The Dirty Girl Mud Run was having a sale the other day where registration was $20 off.  And so, I have committed.

June 14, 2014… I will be covered in mud. And probably sore.


random bits

January 5, 2014

Happy Sunday!


I am really over the winter season and ready for Spring.  Unfortunately, the calendar is not in agreement and it is only the beginning of January.  Tomorrow and Tuesday are supposed to be “take your breath away and freeze exposed skin in minutes” temperature days.  ICK!  Oh, and that is after it rains later and changes to snow tonight… so everything should be coated in a nice layer of ice to add to the fun.

Today I went and gave blood.  A different experience though because I did a double red-cell donation instead of a whole blood donation.  They hook you up to a machine, take out your blood, separate the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets, then put the plasma and platelets back into you with additional saline (and then do it again to get a double batch.)  This allows them to get twice the red blood cells from you.  You can’t donate again for 112 days as compared to the 56 days if you do whole blood.

However, since I am 5’4″ tall, I was told when they switch over to all the new machines, I won’t be able to do the double type.  Seems odd that it would be allowed just because the machine is older but apparently it had something to do with the rate it processes the blood and to have the proper volume women have to be 5’5″ (but I may still qualify if my iron is high enough and depending on my weight).

One of the cool things about it was that you don’t have to sit there and eat cookies or crackers and juice after.  Since they put saline back with the plasma and platelets, it has less of an impact on the way you feel.

Made egg salad today, we’re going to have it for dinner and I’m also going to portion it out for a few days worth of work food.  I’d like to get back to planning and taking my own lunches.  Even though lunch is free at the cafeteria, it isn’t always full of great choices.  There is a salad bar but I am not a fan of lettuce unless I have lots of dressing.  I was getting the vegetable occasionally, the soup, and then peppers and cucumbers with a bit of lettuce.  When you added in the crackers that I must put in soup and the dressing I can’t pass up… even those seemingly healthy choices end up being higher in calories without much protein to keep me satisfied to the end of the work day.  Then I want a snack, and I have candy bars (not just a few, actually within my office at the moment there’s about 72 candy bars and it can be up to 108 or 144 candy bars if I’ve just been to the distributor for an order) in my office that are for sale for the students’ fundraising.  I have a box of Corn Pops (yes, that cereal formerly known as Sugar Pops!) and maple oatmeal.  Much smarter sugary snack!  Plus, the lunches I will take have decent protein levels for better satiety.

I’m gonna kick butt in all of the weight loss competitions I am in currently!!!

A couple of my co-workers are looking at doing the Autism Frostbite 5k in March…  since the 5k I originally planned on doing is in April, not March as I thought, I am considering it.  The pros are: still have a goal to work for in March, good cause, friends to run with, still can do the others in April and so more is better.  The cons:  it starts at 8am and with it’s location I would have to leave my house by 6am, in March, on a Saturday…  So I am leaning towards bailing and just having my first one be the 5k I’d originally planned on doing.   Which starts at 10am on a Saturday in April (much more reasonable since I wouldn’t have to leave my house until closer to 9.)

I plan on doing my first and second 5K of 2014 a week apart…  I don’t know if this is necessarily a good idea but by that point (in April) I should be running 3.1 miles at least once a week and that would be Saturday anyway…

Okay, off to do some dishes, sort out my plastic food containers (not being able to find lids to match bowls is driving me nuts), and shred some onions and cabbage (also to be packaged up for work food)

continuing the cliché – Welcome to 2014

January 1, 2014

I hate to say I am making resolutions… resolutions don’t have a good track record for me, or apparently for most of the rest of the world.

But I definitely have goals in mind for this year.

First, my weight. Well, as you know, I’m leading the biggest loser challenge for my location at work. So, of course, I’d like to win that!  1st place is $300, 3rd place is $100, that is what I got last year. I’m proud that I am starting this year at the weight I ended last year’s challenge because that means I didn’t just gain everything I lost back! However, starting at a lower weight also makes winning harder.

For me, money is an incredible motivator, so I also signed up for two 4 week Dietbets and the 6 month challenge as well. Which puts a goal of 4% on me for January 30th to win the 4 week challenges and month one of the 6 month challenge. At that point I will reassess if I want to join more. I feel real confident about the 6 month challenge, it will end two weeks before my birthday and I am pretty sure I can lose at least 10% by then!

Exercise goals. I am planning to restart the 5k training program. The first 5k I found that I absolutely want to do is in April (originally I thought it was in March.) I may look for another to do in March as well. I also want to add in strength training but I don’t have concrete goals related to that yet. I have been working towards being able to do a pull-up and a chin-up. My goal will be to be able to do a pull-up and a chin-up by my birthday in July. And in general, a little bit of exercise everyday, so continue to work to get at least 10k steps per day (seriously addicted to my Fitbit!)

Sewing. I don’t really have definable goals but I would like to use up the majority of fabric in my stash.

My hair. My goal is to let it grow! I do what is called “search and destroy” where I look through my hair and snip any split ends that are found. That will be sufficient for quite a while.

And that will do for now.

Race planning!

December 6, 2013

It’s December which means it’s almost 2014!  Only 15 more days until the solstice which is an awesome day since it means days will start getting longer again!!

So far I have only two races planned in 2014:

One in March, a local 5K.  I picked this one because it isn’t likely anyone I know will do it and I plan, at this point, for it to be my first real 5K…  It looks like, combined with runners and walkers, about 300 participants.

A commercial fun mud / obstacle run, the Dirty Girl run.  I’ll be doing this one with some friends / co-workers.  I expect this is like The Color Run with some crazy number of participants up into the many thousands.

I would like to find other 5Ks but nothing caught my eye for location when I looked through some of the sites I know of to find races.

How do you find local small 5Ks?

hair addiction

November 17, 2013

I have a new addiction, my hair.  I have been actively trying to grow it out healthily.  Not that I had many bad habits before as I used heat on it maybe three times a year if that.  The things that most negatively impacted my hair would be dye, tight ponytails, and combing wet out of the shower. 

I have switched to henna for dyeing it because I can’t imagine giving up the red.  And I have to say, I am much happier with the henna.  It doesn’t fade at all!  I just took a break between that last sentence and the one before it to go mix up a batch so I can do my hair later… I have roots showing. 

As for tight ponytails, I try not to, but I am still struggling with any other way to keep my hair up for running.  I can’t stand the feel of sweat soaked hair beating on my back.  But I’ve switched to fabric only hair scrunchies, no more tight bands, so hopefully that is minimizing the breakage.

For the combing while wet, I have stopped combing my hair after I get out of the shower.  Instead I head out to work and detangle with my fingers as I drive then use a comb after I arrive.  The other day I needed to stop two places on my way so I put a Buff on and let my hair fill out the tube.

Thanks to the Long Hair Community forums I have been reading the ingredient lists on shampoo and conditioner and paying attention to the after effects of their use.  One thing you hear about often is “cones” meaning silicone variants.  When I don’t use a conditioner with silicones you see much more frizz and when I search my hair I find splits.  The silicones hide the damage better!  Of course, that is why if a conditioner is marketed as “repairs dry and damaged hair,” you can often find high up in the ingredient listing either dimethicone or amodimethicone.   I use both silicone containing and “cone-free” conditioners but it’s good to go without the cones occasionally to get a good idea of the non-hidden condition of your hair…

And so, here is my hair yesterday.  The pictures are taken after drying.  The first picture is before any combing.  The second is after combing and brushing.  No silicones for three days before this so all the frizzies were flying free.


I have this crazy goal of waist length hair.  I’ve been doing some woodworking and making fancy wooden hair forks for updos.  Like I said, new obsession.

In other news… I did my treadmill 5K yesterday before I washed my hair. LOL!  No land speed records were set but I upped the running vs walking minutes a bit.  Nothing major, just a bit of enough to make me feel like a running goddess warrior princess.


Today I think I am going to do a bit of sewing.  My brother-in-law dropped a coat off to me a while back to put in a new zipper.  I’m not charging him but he is giving me a new coat that he got from his work as payment so I’m cool with that.  Also, I got some Thanksgiving fabric that I am going to use to make a skirt for work.  Next Wednesday is our residential dorm’s Thanksgiving party and I’ll wear it for that.  Then probably again the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.  I had one I had made for Halloween a number of years ago (and never wore) that I found and finally did wear this year.  Made me decide I was going to make a theme skirt for all the holidays.  Though the Halloween one was a bit fancy (for some reason when I made it, I put in a waistband and a zipper for a skirt that has a useful season of about one week a year) the rest I plan to make more basic with just elastic for fit.  They will, however, have pockets!

still just plodding along

November 11, 2013

I feel like I don’t have much to say right now.

I’m still running but not doing the C25K program at the moment.  I’m just following my own run/walk pattern for 2 miles on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and then for 3.1 miles on either Saturday or Sunday.

I signed up for the Foodie Penpal at The Lean Green Bean.  I’ve had fun this week shopping for my first penpal.  I think I want to go back though and get some different things than what I’ve already picked up.  It has to be in the mail by Friday at which point I stop obsessing about what I should put in and start second-guessing myself about what I did put in.

I think I am going to henna my hair again this week.  I am so in love with the henna… there is seriously NO fading!  It doesn’t seem like I’ve grown any additional length this month but it feels pretty incredible.

Oh, talking about my hair reminded me of a funny story from yesterday.  I’ve been trying to find an alternative on how to keep my hair up off my neck when I run.  Because I always do a ponytail that I then pull through halfway.  But doing the same thing all the time will end up breaking my hair so I decided to try something different.  I put my hair up in a bun with four hair pins for the first time for a run…  So then I started warming up, run, walk, run… everything going fine.

At a bit over two miles I heard a weird noise that sounded like something hit the treadmill, looked behind me, nothing.  I didn’t make the connection with the new ‘do.  About three minutes later I felt one hit my shoulder and then it bounced off the treadmill.  The hubby happened to come out at the same time so I sent him to get me a ponytail holder while I held my sopping wet hair off my neck.   So new hairstyle?  Fail.

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