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has it really been a year?

May 15, 2017

I didn’t realize I’d never come back and posted again after the last update. ..

So, to catch up my loyal readership  (lol, somebody might stumble on this blog by accident but I don’t think there are any regular readers)…  the husband is still alive, beating some amazing odds. He’s actually the healthiest sick person I know! He’s had 15 brain tumors treated and chemo for the lung. The chemo almost killed him, he stopped after three treatments but it seems to have done it’s job.

My job is going awesome.  I’m applying for a promotion this week so, fingers crossed! And now, I have to get ready to go to said job…

Hopefully it won’t be another year until the next update. 


Doing a happy dance

March 26, 2015

Once I got past bonds, the rest of my Advanced Financial Accounting class fell into place. Passed my final, no  problem.  Took that with online proctoring. My next class, Management Communication, is relatively easy if you have a few years composing mature business communications. I did resent the portion of the book that said, essentially,  “this will really help you to communicate with the older people in your office… those over 30.” Really? And this following a chapter about not using discriminatory language. Scream. I did the two performance tasks for that class, finishing Monday. 

Now I am in Advanced Managerial Accounting which has a reputation for being very difficult.  Luckily cost accounting is really one of my favorite areas.

Off to walk a bit before getting ready for work.

More randomness

March 14, 2015

School is going well. I really like being in charge of my progress and not being required to “post three times to the message board each week for a participation grade.”  I read the chapter, watch the course mentor’s video where he explains problems, do practice problems from the text book, then take the practice quiz.  I have supplemented some topics with videos from YouTube including a great video explaining derivatives involving rupees, cows, and mad cow disease.

I started studying my first class mid February. As soon as orientation opens you can see all your classes and access the books, see the requirements, etc. You just can’t submit anything officially. So here at mid March I am almost finished with 12 of 14 chapters in my first course, Advanced Financial Accounting . I plan to work through the last chapters today then review back through the chapters again, take the pre-assessment and see where I’m truly at with being ready to take the assessment.  That is where WGU is different and in some ways harder than traditional classes at a in-person college or other online colleges. There is no padding of your grade with participation points or extra credit or points for doing homework.  You either know it and prove it or you don’t.

I guess I was wrong!

February 16, 2015

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I disappeared again.

As part of my random kind of life: I’m going back to school.  I am getting a Masters in Accounting. From Western Governors University.  Orientation starts tomorrow.  I can’t promise routine check-ins but I’ll try to give my impressions, experience, etc every once in a while.

So far, a couple little hiccups.  For example, the enrollment counselor said orientation would be available the 15th. Sunday morning I logged in, nothing.  I waited until noon, 10 am MT, and called student services only to find out that since the 15th was a Sunday and today a holiday, orientation would not be available until Tuesday.

As long as tomorrow goes as planned!

I think I’m back…

November 30, 2014

Wow, the weight comes back really quickly if you slack off…

Sadly, I am almost completely back to where I was two years ago… almost 220.

No excuses. It’s from eating too much and exercising too little… too many drive thru breakfasts instead of a protein shake with a banana, too many cafeteria lunches instead of soup& veggies, too many take out & convenience dinners instead of chicken & veggies or other homemade portion controlled choices, and lastly, too much ice cream after a day of poor choices…

Back at it, tomorrow is a Monday and it’s the 1st of a month… what could be a better day to start over?

First goal: 199
Reward: manicure (and relief from daily heartburn I am sure!)


April 9, 2014

Well, I have neen quite neglectful of this blog!  Honestly, that was my fear when I started it… that I would be all “rah rah rah” and then lose interest.

I haven’t lost interest completely, just took a minor break. Instead of working hard at getting an A in weight loss I have been more of a C stident in maintainence.

I am at 180 so still 30 pounds from my main goal… i had hoped to reach it by my birthday in July. Still possible but it is going to take some serious work!

A friend of mine at work came into my office yesterday to talk to me about running with her and training in prep for the Dirty Girl Mud Run that she & I are doing on June 14.  Woah! Wake up call! That’s less than 10 weeks away and my exercise for about two months has been just walking… I upped my daily step goal from 10 to 11 thousand but that isn’t enough to help!

She and I are meeting this Saturday for our first training together…

So tomorrow morning my ass will be on the treadmill to see what I can do and how far I have to go… I need to develop an upper body strength workout too. Added benefit, I might develop some muscles to firm up my flappy upper arms.

Lose weight, gain strength. That’s my mantra.

Guess what? It’s snowing again.

February 3, 2014

This winter can’t be over soon enough!  Let’s see… what to ramble about, besides the weather?

I won the two Dietbets that I was doing consecutively.  One I paid $30 and got back $40.62.  The other I paid $25 and got back $32.29.  So at the end of the month, my weight is down and I made $18.11.  Woo-hoo!!

I am almost “overweight” rather than “obese” based on the BMI charts.  That really makes my day.  On my weight page I calculate my BMI for the first weigh-in of the month so as the first Monday of the month, that was today… 31.1

I feel a little sick… just a runny nose and a sinus headache.  I hope it doesn’t get worse!  I went to visit a friend of mine in the hospital Friday.  She has pneumonia and H1N1 flu.  I put on a gown, gloves, and mask before I went into her room.  Washed my hands really well when leaving, took sani-wipes and wiped down things and used it to press buttons on the way back to my car… but virulent germs are scary!  She is diabetic and over 400 pounds so she has other health issues making her battle to health even harder.   She joined our biggest loser competition.  I am so proud of her for taking that step!  She wanted me to bring the scale to the hospital for her weigh-in but I told her to just focus on getting well and I’d take the hospital’s weight when she checked in as her week’s weigh-in.

Well, off to exercise!

What’s it all about?

March 17, 2013

Facebook doesn’t fulfill my need to ramble…

So here I am, blogging again, after a hiatus of multiple years.

Who am I? What do I like?

My name is Heather.  I’m 40 at the moment. I’m married with three cats and a llama. I work at a unique school for deaf students with behavioral problems.

I like to sew a lot, crochet a bit, and other crafty things as the mood takes me. With the sewing I do apparel, bags, & quilting. I just finished some commission sewing for a woman at work. That was cool that someone thought I did good enough work to pay me for it!

I’m overweight but am taking steps to change that. I’ve lost 23 pounds since the beginning of the year with another 52 to go.

When the weather gets warmer here in Pennsylvania I’ll ride my bike. The husband & I enjoy at least two motorcycle rallies each summer. We usually ride to one just because the tattoo guy we prefer is there and that’s just a day trip then we spend four days tent camping at another.

More, perhaps with pictures, later.

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