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life is random

May 12, 2016

On May 3, I got excellent news, I received a job offer to stay on permanently with the company I’ve been temping at since last June. Yay! More money, benefits, all that.

Then Saturday I took my husband to the ER suspecting another stroke. Nope. Brain tumors, multiple. A mass in his lung. Looks like stage 4 lung cancer metastasized to his brain but they won’t say that definitively until after the biopsy on the 20th. Life is cruel.


2015 obligatory nostalgia post

December 31, 2015

The events that shaped the changes of 2015 started well before the beginning of 2015 but that’s when everything came to a head.

December, 2014, right before Christmas … one of the parents of a student that lived in the dorm at the school I worked at called me screaming.  Her daughter arrived home for the Christmas holiday and said she hated our school and wasn’t coming back after New Year’s (a commonly expressed feeling by our students since they all had severe behavioral and mental health issues and hate that they ended up at that school.) Anyway,  the reason the mother was screaming at me? Because I allowed the child to come spend Christmas with her family without telling the mother that her daughter didn’t want to come back and if she’d have known that she would have never have allowed her to come home for Christmas.  I listened,  apologized profusely,  and offered to come get the girl. Luckily the mother agreed that the girl could stay through New Year’s as originally planned… I promised that I would be there to bring the student back after that if she refused to get on the van.

January 6, 2015. The last straw. An IEP meeting for the same student.  The mother, who never took any responsibility for the student, joined on the phone with a list of demands. The county joined the phone conference as well and informed me that none of the paperwork was being accepted.  I snapped at the mother.  Afterward,  my boss (who I normally really adored) reprimanded me for my obvious attitude.  Essentially I should have fawned all over the mother for trying and doing the best that she could.

At this same time I was participating in counseling through the Employee Assistance Program  (6 sessions is more than enough for the stress that came with that job — sarcasm dripping) where the counselor was shocked at the situations at work I described… I started to examine what I wanted from my job and these were the two instances that really stand out as examples of what I didn’t want.

So I went back to school.  I decided to get the Masters in Accounting that I had started but not finished in 1998/99.  I chose WGU for a number of reasons… I could start within a month, I could work at my own pace, it is regionally accredited, and nonprofit.

In June I got a placement through Accountemps with a large, successful company as a cost accountant.  It was scary leaving a full-time job for a temp position but as unhappy as I’d become at the job, the chance to change my future made it an easy choice.  Six months later,  I’m still there and loving it.

I finished my degree this month so now I have two Masters degrees… (I think I’m done with school for a bit)

So, after leaving accounting in 1999, working as a network engineer from 1999 to 2006, then going to school and working in education from 2006 to 2015, I’ve come full circle. 

TL;DR:  2015 was a pretty awesome year. I’m back working as an accountant after 16 years of other careers, some good, some bad…

being neglectful

November 2, 2013

Sorry to my two? three? one? readers… I haven’t been blogging much.  Without the Color Run to prepare for I feel like I’ve not much to talk about on the running front.  I can confess that I have been super lazy this week…  Back on track today though, I’m getting ready to go hit the treadmill for a full 5K which in my world of self talk will get me to stop calling myself a loser.

I didn’t end up working out at all at the hotel last weekend.  Two weekends in a row I packed exercise clothes for my work travels and two weekends in a row I didn’t exercise while traveling a bit…  Good thing I don’t travel a lot since apparently it increases my laziness.

Last weekend I did do something out of the ordinary.  I put on makeup.  Trust me, this isn’t a common occurrence!  It happens maybe three times a year.  Trying to remember, I know I put on makeup to go get my driver’s license picture taken in July… before that I’m not sure.  It appears I better document the occasion!  So here I am, made up:


Makeup this last weekend was a sad reason though, A coworker and I were accompanying one of my students to her father’s memorial service.  I interpreted for the student at the request of her mother. I did okay with the part where the mom talked about her husband and his life, but oh, non-christian me trying to interpret the lord’s prayer and hymns?  Ouch!  Thankfully, the student was fine with my attempt, weak as it was.  I want to be a certified interpreter some day but am certainly not at that level now.  Even when I am I would likely not accept a religious focused assignment because I recognize that I would not be the best qualified.

Off to put coconut oil in my hair and get running!

still going

October 25, 2013

Not at the speed of the energizer bunny though I wish…

I am doing W2D3 today of the restarted at a higher speed plan.  Then I’m packing for the weekend.  Traveling for work until Sunday…  I am taking my exercise clothes and am going to check out their facilities at least one if not both of the mornings.  My thought is do the elliptical or the exerbike, to try something I don’t normally do.

I am happy I took up running.  Getting regular exercise has probably been the only thing keeping me from swirling down the drain of depression these last three weeks!  I’ve been amazed that with all that’s been happening that I have also maintained not smoking.  My weight is annoyingly still up at 188 but two out of three ain’t bad (Meat Loaf says so.)


I also feel this applies to sewing.

Is it Friday yet???

October 16, 2013

I love my job… Really. But, these past couple weeks have been some of the toughest to get through, especially while not smoking.

To give you an example, yesterday at 3 I was told by a student that if we (about four staff) did not back up then we were all going to die, then a few seconds later a rock was thrown at my head.  At the same time I was on the phone with his mother explaining that he missed his van and once he calmed staff would drive him home. She was crying and explaining he had tried to kill his younger sister over the weekend and also tried starting a fire in the house (about his 6th time). He is not yet ten years old.

A few minutes later while trying to call the psychiatrist to see if she could get a bed in the children’s psychiatric hospital for him i was arranging for a different staff to do what I originally had planned which was take a new dorm student to therapy. I also needed to call her therapist to fill her in on events, namely the student’s father was killed last week in a car accident but the student hasn’t yet been told because her mother is emotionally destroyed and can’t decide anything… So heads up on some upcoming therapy issues.

I’d like to say this level of crisis is unusual but it isn’t really.  Some months are better than others.

Now I am going to go run (I did restart c25k with more incline and a faster pace, today is W1D2) and remind myself of the many reasons I don’t really want to go buy a pack of cigarettes and ten candy bars.

However, if I see the new Pecan Pie Pringles a can will be mine (but that’s more an “omg I must try those” reaction then a “life is crazy I might as well eat” reaction…)

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